We stand behind the quality of our products.


Quality is not a constant state; it is a journey of continuous improvement. We consider the quality of our products and services as one of the highest values that allows us to further develop and create social security for our employees while maintaining appropriate employment. Environmental protection is not just about meeting system requirements; it is a natural lifestyle.


The establishment of the Cooperative dates back to 1936. The tradition of the Cooperative is based on the production of agricultural tools in the original OCEL (steel) Cooperative, which was founded by 12 founding members in 1936. After 1965, there was a gradual discontinuation of the production of agricultural tools, and the Cooperative shifted its production program towards market products (woodworking machines, portable cash registers, padlocks, etc.), and primarily towards cooperation with larger companies such as ZETOR Brno, ZBROJOVKA Brno (tractor parts), KAROSA Vysoké Mýto (bus parts). In 1992, the Cooperative transformed into 5 independent Cooperatives. As one of the successor Cooperatives, a new Cooperative was established under the trade name


Establishment of a blacksmith Cooperative named


3 branches from DRUKOV, renamed to DRUKOCEL


Change of the production program


Division into parts, establishment of Drukocel Rosice Cooperative


Present :)

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All production is provided in our own manufacturing facilities on the company's premises.

  • Production of simple pressure vessels according to ČSN EN 286-2
  • CNC machining, milling
  • Material sorting
  • Pressing of metal parts
  • Metal part surface finishing with blasting devices
  • KOMAXIT powder-paint shop
  • Manual and robotic welding
Logo SHOPEA.CZ, s.r.o.
Logo SHOPEA.CZ, s.r.o.
Logo SHOPEA.CZ, s.r.o.
Logo SHOPEA.CZ, s.r.o.

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