Measuring Centre

• Mytutoyo Cysta-Plus M574 - 3D machine

Apart from standard gauging instruments, our quality department also uses the CRYSTA-PLUS M574 -3D coordinate measuring machine with 500:700:400 (x:y:z mm) measuring range and a linear scale altimeter produced by Mitutoyo, which is suitable for measuring diameters, heights, evenness, etc., including a measuring report.

Robotized Workplace

• FANUC robot, the ARC Mate 120 iC/10L type

A robot with six degrees of freedom and the handling radius of 2,009 mm. The handling radius of the robot is additionally extended by the length of a blowpipe which is 400 mm. The workplace is fitted with a couple of fixed tables arranged side by side. Their external dimension is 1,600 × 1,000 mm and bearing capacity amounts to 250 kg.


• BM1600-AWEA

Spindle taper ISO 50  
Spindle speed 6,000 − 2 step gear rev/min
Spindle engine power 18.5 kW
Travel X 1,600 mm
Travel Y 800 mm
Travel Z 800 mm
Table size 1,800 × 1,800 mm
Number of tools    

• DOOSAN DNM650 − 2 pcs

Spindle taper ISO 40  
Spindle speed 8,000 (12,000) rev/min
Spindle engine power 18.5 kW
Travel X 1,270 mm
Travel Y 670 mm
Travel Z 625 mm
Table size 1,300 × 670 mm
Number of tools 30  


Spindle taper ISO 40  
Spindle speed 80 − 8,000 rev/min
Spindle engine power 7.5 − 11 kW
Travel X 800 mm
Travel Y 500 mm
Travel Z 500 mm
Table size 900 × 500 mm
Number of tools 24  


Spindle taper ISO 40  
Spindle speed 80 − 10,000 rev/min
Spindle engine power 11 − 15 kW
Travel X 1,100 mm
Travel Y 650 mm
Travel Z 600 mm
Table size 1,300 × 600 mm
Number of tools 30  

• MCV 1000

High efficiency machining centre.

• Blasting device: TZ 2-7.5/11-16

The device is designed for blasting of steel, iron or rust-free castings, forgings, heat-treated steel parts, and weldments, for derusting, deburring or peening. The max. diameter of swivel circle 1,110 mm, maximum height of swivel 1,600 mm, the hook carrying capacity 500 kg.

• Powder painting using the burning kiln

Powder painting uses the latest technologies of coating with colour powder plastics. This is accomplished by means of automated chemical pretreating, automated or manual spraying booth and a burning kiln. Our company offers you a unique size of a burning kiln for painting of individual parts with the size of 2,500 × 1,400 × 600 mm (length × height × width).

Taking into account the continuous development of new colour shades and structures, this technology is in growing demand from customers.

• DURMAZLAR DHGM 2506 hydraulic table shears

Staple length 2,550 mm, staple capacity 6 mm.

• Pressing shop

The shop is equipped with machines of various sizes, with the forming power ranging from 25−250 t, the size of shop benches is up to 2,400 × 900mm.

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