The history of the Cooperative dates back to 1936 with the establishment of a blacksmith Cooperative named "OCEL.", which means steel.

The history of the Cooperative dates back to 1936 with the establishment of a blacksmith Cooperative named "OCEL.", which means steel. The tradition of the Cooperative is rooted in the production of agricultural tools within the original OCEL Cooperative, which was founded in 1936 by 12 founding members who sacrificed their own property – family houses. By 1958, the Cooperative had 85 members, and through the establishment of 3 branches in DRUKOV (Ivančice, Dolní Kounice, and Mohelno, CZ), it expanded to 324 employees, along with an expansion of its production program. At this time, the Cooperative changed its name to DRUKOCEL. At the same time, at this moment, a Zbýšov facility and a Říčany car repair shop are being constructed, providing production in the field of services to the population.

Further changes occurred in the Cooperative in 1961 when, due to changes in the district's administrative divisions, the Zbraslav branch from Kovodílo was incorporated into the Cooperative. This branch was transformed into a filling station for gas cylinders, and the Tišnov branch from Lidkov, manufacturing GUARD locks and locksmith work, was also added. During this period, the Mohelno and Říčany branches were integrated into the Horácké Autodružstvo Třebíč as part of the integration of production programs. After these changes, the Cooperative had 6 branches within the Brno - countryside district, along with its headquarters, employing approximately 550 people.

After 1965, the production of agricultural tools was gradually discontinued, and the Cooperative shifted its production focus towards consumer products (woodworking machines, portable cash registers, padlocks, etc.), services to the public (heating system projection and installation, gas stove assembly), but mainly cooperation with larger companies such as ZETOR Brno, ZBROJOVKA Brno (tractor parts), and KAROSA Vysoké Mýto (bus parts).

The Cooperative remained in this form until 1992 when it underwent transformation as part of a transformation project into 5 independent Cooperatives. As one of the successor Cooperatives, Drukocel Rosice Cooperative was established in August 1992 through a resolution of the general meeting and registration in the commercial register. It is headquartered in Rosice near Brno, Cukrovarská 138, and Mr. Jaroslav Veselý was elected as the chairman of the new Cooperative.

Company strategy

Customer satisfaction is our goal.

This leads to continuous improvement in manufacturing technologies and the use of modern methods in production.

Since 2006 our Cooperative has been a holder of certificates according to:

  • ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001
  • ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005

Drukocel Rosice Cooperative has been a certified supplier of safety parts for IVECO since 2012.

Production program

All production is carried out in our own manufacturing facility within the company's premises.

The Cooperative manufactures "Simple pressure vessels according to ČSN EN 286-2."

Additional production includes:

  • CNC machining and milling
  • Material cutting
  • Metal parts pressing
  • Surface treatment of metal parts using a blasting device
  • KKOMAXIT powder coating
  • Option for 2-layer powder coating with increased resistance of 1000-1500 hours in a salt fog
  • Manual welding in a protective atmosphere
  • Welding at a robotic workstation

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