About the Company


The cooperative’s origin dates back to 1936 when the blacksmithing cooperative named “OCEL” (STEEL in English) was established.

The tradition of the cooperative is rooted within the production of ploughing implements in the original OCEL cooperative, which was established by 12 founding members in 1936 who did so at the cost of pledging their properties – family houses. In 1958, the cooperative had 85 members, with its ranks increasing up to 324 employees after delimitation of 3 manufacturing shops from DRUKOV (Ivančice, Dolní Kounice and Mohelno). At the same time, the cooperative extends its production programme and changes its name to DRUKOCEL. Concurrently, the Zbýšov permanent establishment and Říčany car repair shop are constructed to secure production in the service industry.

More changes take place in the cooperative in 1961 when the Zbraslav permanent establishment of Kovodílo, which is then transformed to a plant filling gas sparklet bulbs for cars, and the Tišnov permanent establishment of Lidkov (production of the GUARD locks and metalwork) are affiliated to the cooperative as a result of a new spatial pattern introduced in the district. At the time, the Mohelno and Říčany permanent establishments were also transferred under the Horácké autodružstvo Třebíč as a part of integration of production programmes. After the changes, the cooperative had 6 permanent establishments and headquarters employing about 550 personnel within the Brno – venkov district after 1965.

After 1965, the production of ploughing implements was phased out and the cooperative focused its production programme on manufactured goods (woodworking machines, petty cash boxes, mortise and jack locks, etc.) and the service industry (central heating designing and installations, installations of gas cookers), but especially on cooperation with large companies such as ZETOR Brno, ZBROJOVKA Brno (parts for tractors), KAROSA Vysoké Mýto (parts for buses).

This organisational structure of the cooperative had lasted until 1992, when it was transformed according to a transformation project to 5 independent cooperatives. As one of these successor cooperatives, a new cooperative bearing the trade name of “ Družstvo DRUKOCEL Rosice” (Drukocel Rosice Producers’ Cooperative), having it seat at Cukrovarská 138, Rosice u Brna, Czech Republic, was established by resolution of the meeting of members and making an entry in the Commercial Register in 1992. Jaroslav Veselý was elected chairman of the new cooperative.

The Company’s Strategy

Our goal is our customers’ satisfaction.

To meet it, our production technologies have been continuously improved and modern methods applied in the production processes.

Since 2006, our cooperative has been certified according to:

  • ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001
  • ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005

Since 2012, the Drukocel Rosice Producers’ Cooperative has been a certified supplier of safety parts for IVECO.

Production Programme

All the manufacturing operations are executed by means of the company’s own production facilities, in its own plants located on the company’s premises.

The cooperative produces “simple pressure vessels according to ČSN EN 286-2”.

Other manufacturing activities include the following:

  • CNC machining, milling
  • Material sorting
  • Pressing of metal parts
  • Metal part surface finishing with blasting devices
  • KOMAXIT powder-paint shop
  • Optionally available double-layer powder painting in salt fog, increasing the resistance up to 1,000 – 1,500h
  • Manual shielded welding
  • Welding in the automated workplace
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